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On March 1st, Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing will change its name to BrokersEdge Annuity/Life Marketing. We have been involved in a trademark dispute for over 14 months with another firm using the name Great Plains. While we are in different sections of the financial services market with different clientele, and despite assurance from our legal counsel regarding the strength of our case to continue as Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing, it has become obvious a protracted legal battle would only distract us from our core mission of serving you and our other valued producers, while being very expensive and dragging on for up to two more years. Rather than waste time and resources pursuing this, we have decided to embrace a name change that better reflects our position as a premiere national Annuity and Insurance Marketing Organization and efforts for the brokers we serve. My biggest concern in making this change, with the amount of AMO/IMO mergers

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